Outside the specialist community little is known about the various applications of surface technology. Without surface technology there would be no cars, planes, spacecraft, electronics, consumer electronics, printed circuit boards, aluminum and enamel facades, surgical instruments and implants, fittings, nails, cutlery etc. and the list could go on forever.

Key technology
Higher and higher demands are being placed on everyday objects and the materials they are made of. Surfaces with exactly defined properties are indispensable for modern industrial processes. Surfaces should be beautifully designed, comfortable to use, meet all technical requirements and have an almost unlimited service-life. Surface technology is an important step towards the fulfillment of these demands. Surfaces must meet requirements such as wear and corrosion resistance, hardness etc. and provide a decorative appearance.

Surface technology includes the following areas:

-     mechanical surface treatment        

-     chemical pretreatment

-     electroplating

-     enamel coating

-     organic and inorganic coating

-     hot-dip galvanizing

-     heat treatment

-     plasma coating